A great interview with the super-talented Noma Bar about a recent collaboration for NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. Check it out!

February 6

February 6

Really happy to have been a part of this great campaign with our friends at The 88 !

January 26

December 19

Good friends and cool cars. What more could you ask for? Thanks for having us The Mill!

December 7

Happy Halloween!!! To help you celebrate here is our latest suspense-filled collaboration with TED-Ed ! Gerta Xhelo, Jessica Ruby, Weston Fonger, Jarrett Farkas, Emily Smith, Marlene Bartos, Brian Yessian, Michael Yessian

October 31

Congrats to Bill Plympton and the Plymptoons team! Looks like “Cop Dog” made the list of qualifying animated shorts for this year’s Academy Awards! This was one of our favorite films to have sound designed and mixed. Fingers crossed! Wendy Zhao Sandrine Plympton Weston Fonger Jarrett Farkas Emily Smith Michael Yessian Brian Yessian Marlene Bartos

October 13

Hot off the press! We recently collaborated with our friends at TED-Ed, creating the sound design and spatial mix for their first 360° video. Throw on a set of headphones and jump on in for this lesson on Cave Paintings! Gerta Xhelo, Jessica Ruby, Lippy, Weston Fonger, Emily Smith, Jarrett Farkas, Brian Yessian, Michael Yessian, Marlene Bartos

October 12

This past year three scientists finally proved the existence of gravitational waves in our universe, confirming the theories of Albert Einstein. Rainer Weiss, Kip Thorne and Barry Barish were awarded the Nobel Prize for their discovery, congrats!! If you'd like to learn more about gravitational waves or the use of LIGO you can check out this video from TED-Ed that we had the opportunity to mix and sound design a few months back. Thanks to our friends at TED-Ed, Gerta Xhelo, Jessica Ruby, Weston Fonger, Emily Smith, Jarrett Farkas, Marlene Bartos, Brian Yessian, Michael Yessian

October 3

We are thrilled to have been a part of this campaign for Lane Bryant that premiered at this year's International Emmy Awards! We recorded Danielle Brooks from Orange Is the New Black for this spot featuring Danielle, Ashley Graham, Candice Huffine, & Denise Bidot. Thanks to Modern Post! #ImNoAngel Charles Nickles, Charlyn Derrick, Weston Fonger, Emily Smith, Jarrett Farkas, Marlene Bartos, Brian Yessian, Michael Yessian

September 26

The third installment in our work with NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, Sanity Productions, and Seiden. The science behind TAVR is absolutely amazing! (So are the visuals by Noma Bar, & animation by Ale Pixel Studio.) We created the sound design and mix for this piece with the talented Brian d'Arcy James as the voiceover. Journey to the heart: fixing the heart from within' The 3rd film for NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital aimed at increasing our understanding of Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement or TAVR. The film explains how doctors at NYP, WeillCornell & Columbia Med pioneered a way to fix the heart from within. Illustration and Direction - Noma Bar Animation - Ale Pixel Studio Production Company - Dutch Uncle Client - NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Agency - Seiden Creative Director+Art Director - Eric Houseknecht Copywriter + ECD - Steven Feinberg Kati Schultheis - Account Director Producer - Jill Levy (Sanity Productions) Editor - Jonathan Edwards Audio Design & Mix - Weston Fonger Audio Production: Vinyl Mix / Yessian Music - Emily Smith, Jarrett Farkas, Brian Yessian, Michael Yessian, Marlene Bartos, Voice Over - Brian d'Arcy James

September 25

We are so thrilled to have been a part of this awesome project for adidas, creating the mix and sound design for this series of social spots featuring Kendall Jenner, Playboi Carti, Young Thug, 21 Savage, & James Harden. Big thanks to The 88, & TJ Docena. - Emily Smith, Weston Fonger, Marlene Bartos, Michael Yessian, Brian Yessian, Jarrett Farkas

August 10

Feeling hungry? Start your week off with this mouth watering spot by director Michael Somoroff. Edited by Charlie Cusumano and sound designed and mixed by Vinylmix!

July 24

2017 Association of Music Producers (AMP) Awards! Congrats to all the winners, including Yessian Music for Best Brand+Band Partnership for The Lincoln Motor Company's "Cord" featuring Gary Clark Jr. We're thrilled to have provided the mix for that campaign, and to have attended the show!

May 26

Words can't express.... We are absolutely devastated by the loss of Chris Cornell today. His was a voice that truly defined an era. Feeling really privileged to have worked with him on the Soundgarden episode of The Artists Den a few years back. Heres a clip from that show featuring his words, and some great tunes! A sad day to honor an amazing musical legacy.

May 18

Guys, Its HOT out there today. Perfect day for an Original Bomb Pop!! Check out some of our recent work with our super cool friends at Ataboy!

May 18

Great times at the AICE awards last night! Congrats to all the winners including Yessian Music!

May 12

Congrats to our friends, The Brooklyn Brothers on their Sports Clio win!! Such a cool project that we are thrilled to have been a part of!

May 10

Here's a really cool project we recently wrapped on. In the Butoh style, with sound design and music by Yessian Music and mixed at Vinyl Mix!

May 8

One of the more... umm interesting... projects we recently got to sound design and mix with our friends at TED-Ed! Enjoy!

April 25

Congrats to our friends over at TED-Ed for their The Webby Awards nomination!

April 14

Stretch Armstrong!

April 7

An EPIC party to kick things off! Thanks to everyone who came out

April 7

VINYLmix = Launched. Thank you all for coming, partying and dancing to the the tunes of DJ Stretch Armstrong. Now THAT was a night to remember!

April 7

More great press on VINYLmix! Here we go!!!!

March 31